Fishing Light Green

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Fishing Light Green

Our Fishing Light Green makes fishing more fun and efficient!!

This green monster fishing light is able to attract a wide range of marine life and you will surely have your fishing spree. 

  • TOP WATERPROOF: IP68 waterproof  and corrosion resistant 
  • EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE: High brightness green color and 360 degrees full light angle attracts a wider range of marine life effectively to make fishing more easily
  • SAFE WORK VOLTAGE: Long cord submersible light 12 Volt safe work voltage for submersible deep drop underwater fishing
  • WIDELY USED: it is perfect for boats, kayaks, canoes, and fishing docks. Attracts prawns, squid and fish, krill, phytoplankton
  • WARRANTY:  50,000 hours of continuous use, 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime warm customer service
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    With a weighted lead, these underwater fishing lights are submersible to 24.5ft to attract marine life at night

    Fishing light has 5 Sided LED which made up of 180 superlight LEDs (36 on each side), provide 1000 lumens of steady illumination. More important inserts light tube can be replaced

    12V, 15W, 0.9A, ultra-low battery consumption that can be continuously used up to 50000 Hours

    SUPER WATERPROOF, IMPACT RESISTANT, AND CORROSION RESISTANT. Watertight Rubber Endcaps and Protecting Sleeves are made from high-grade rubber which ensures its long-term excellent performance

    How GREENSPOT™ Lights Work?

    It works by attracting tiny animals called zooplankton, which attract baitfish such as shad, herring, and minnows, which in turn attract predator fish such as bass, crappie, walleye, red fish, speckled trout and other species. Sportfish gather near or in the circle of light to feed. The angler drops in a bait or lure to catch them.

    Are Fish attracted to light at night?

    They sure are. Apart from being inquisitive, most predatory fish will see a silhouette of the smaller baby fish and come in for the kill. 

    What types of fish have I caught with a GREENSPOT™ light?

    I find that these green lights work perfectly for bream, mullet, garfish, queenfish, squid, and trivially in salt water.

    In freshwater, I have caught Catfish, Trout, Perch, Crappie, and Cod. They are also good to attract shrimp. Just put the lamp in a crab pot with some bait and come back in an hour to see what you have caught.


    How to use GREENSPOT™ Lights? 

    If your boat is moving or shaking from your fixed position, plankton or microorganisms are never going to gather around the light, and no fish will come for the bait. Silence is key.

    Hence, anchor your boat in such a way so that it will remain stationary, and does not swing or move much. 

    But you don’t have to use a boat. Fishing off a jetty or from a lake edge is also a great way to use these underwater LED fishing lights. 

    Two underwater fishing lights are better than one.

    If possible always try to use two GREENSPOT™ lights. Spacing these two lights with the distance of 3-4 feet can give you the perfect radius of light that could allow fisherman to do jigging and lure casting in the lit up zones.


    Wire length: 19.2ft. (5.86m) waterproof wire + 3.1ft. (0.95m) battery connection wire. 
    Light Color: Green. 
    Lumen: 1000 lumen. 
    LED bulbs quantity: 120 SMD2835 LEDs. 
    Power: 12V, 15W. 
    Service time: 50000 hours. 
    Weight:10.4oz (295g).

    Package Includes: 
    1 x Underwater Fishing Light.

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