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Dog Protection Goggles

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If you like to spend time outside in the sun or at the beach with your dog, you’ll want to consider buying him the best dog goggles that the market has to offer. But why should you get your canine companion dog goggles?

Are they really necessary or just a fashion fad?

Everyone knows that the UV rays in sunlight can burn your skin, potentially causing serious health problems such as skin cancer. But did you know that UV rays can also damage your eyes?

That’s why you should always wear polarized shades when you’re catching some rays, especially on the beach where the sun reflects back from the water.

Your dog’s eyes can be similarly affected by bright sunshine.
In beaming conditions, a pair of dog goggles, or “doggles” as they’re also called, can protect your pet’s eyes from the irritation and harm that exposure to direct sunlight can cause.

If you take your dog with you on summer trips to the beach, the sun reflecting off the ocean can be dazzling.

Similarly, on a glorious winter day, candescent sunshine glowing from freshly fallen snow can be almost blinding.

A quality pair of dog goggles will prevent your dog from suffering discomfort and possible eye damage.

Goggles can be extremely useful in providing your dog with eye protection when he’s out enjoying life with you.

If your pet enjoys a ride on your motorbike, in the back of your truck, leaning out of your car window to catch the breeze or sailing on your boat, his eyes are at risk of damage from windblown dirt and water.

The best dog goggles will protect him from these risks. At the beach, your dog could kick up sand when he’s running with his friends, potentially causing him severe eye irritation.

On windy days, sand and salt spray will readily blow into your dog’s face.
A good pair of doggles will keep your pet protected, saving him from discomfort and you from unwanted vet bills.

All dogs love to run through undergrowth and long grass.
But this enjoyable activity can soon turn sour if your pet catches a bramble or branch in his eye, or picks up a grass seed.

Dog goggles can help to prevent such injuries from occurring so you can be confident that your pet can play safely.

Although eye protection is a great idea for all dogs, some breeds are more susceptible to eye problems than others.

Brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds are especially susceptible to eye injuries and inherited eye problems. These breeds have flat faces and large, bulging eyes. Also, these dogs are small and stand close to the ground, making them more likely to sustain injury from branches as they run through undergrowth.
Grass seeds and particles of grit are also very easily picked up, causing irritation to the eyes.

If you own one of the following breeds, you should consider investing in dog goggles to help protect his eyes:

There are many other flat-faced breeds too, including designer crossbreeds.
As well as serving a practical purpose, dog sunglasses can look great too.
Many pooches really seem to enjoy wearing dog goggles or sunglasses, but others aren’t quite so keen.

The key to equipping your pup in the trendiest shades is to always choose dog goggles rather than human sunglasses.

Dog goggles are specially designed for dogs’ heads, and have carefully positioned straps to keep thee goggles securely and comfortably in place.

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