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Kids learn better through playing, and educational toys increase the value your kid gets out of playtime.

Benefits of Educational Toys

  • Innovative and creative thinking: When playing with educational toys and games, children can develop perception, intuition, and reasoning as they partake in a creative activity.
  • Cognitive skills: Educational toys can help children connect to their thought processes and further develop their capabilities to think freely. Common toys that help boost cognitive skills include puzzles and number games.
  • Motor skills: With the right educational toys and games, children develop their motor skills in conjunction with their cognitive skills.
  • Soft skills: By giving children a well-guided play experience, children develop what are considered softer skills such as appropriate social interaction (dictated by social values, principles, and sentiments), language skills, and emotional development (i.e. handling certain situations, such as losing a game, helps them learn to accept challenges, to overcome them, and to gain mental strength).

Amazing Science Dream Factory

$ 48.00 SGD $ 60.00 SGD
SAVE 20.0%

Colorful Clock Wooden Blocks

$ 9.00 SGD $ 10.00 SGD
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Kids Toys Smart House

$ 39.00 SGD

Magic Toy Tank

$ 29.99 SGD $ 49.99 SGD
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Wooden Magnetic Fruits Toy

$ 32.00 SGD $ 40.00 SGD
SAVE 20.0%