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Add some Spice and Colours to your Daily Routine with these creative Kitchen & Household items.

Products specially selected for you, with the underlying consideration to bring you a big "SMILE" on your face while using the

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Smart Salad Cutter Bowl

$ 20.00 SGD $ 34.00 SGD
SAVE 41.18%

Wall Organizer Hook

$ 22.00 SGD

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

$ 14.00 SGD

Foot Scrub Exfoliating Massager

$ 28.00 SGD $ 45.00 SGD
SAVE 37.78%

Claw Gauntlets (aka Claw Gloves)

$ 5.00 SGD $ 5.90 SGD
SAVE 15.25%