Beer Foamer @

Beer Foamer @

14 Aug 2018 Chin Leong Ooi

The Beer Foamer gets you as close to the Pub experience as you can without leaving your cozy home. 

This beer foamer will significantly increase the aroma, taste and "texture" of the beer, with just a press of a BUTTON. - just like beer fresh from the tap. You will get what I mean if you're a true beer lover.

The head is formed by the bubbles of carbon dioxide in the beer rising to the surface and being held together with surface tension. 

The fact is that the carbon dioxide in a good head carries with it intense, complex aromas from the beer that otherwise might be lost to the nose and the palate. 

Hence, adding extra froth to your drink will bring out the true flavors of the beer.

Moreover, more foams mean less bloating. By foaming the beer the foamer mug will release more CO2 from the drink, and thus you can enjoy a longer joyful beer session with your mates! 

Beer Foamer

Beer Foamer

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